Shadowbrook New Wave Espresso

$ 12.95

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Aroma: A light fruity aroma

Acidity: lemon citrusy

Body: Full

Flavor: Tangy

Aftertaste: A well balanced lemony taste

Screen Size: 16-18

Origin: (Varied) Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil

Roast (Agtron): Med 54.6

Notes: Available in 1lb whole beans. A lighter roasted 100% Arabica espresso roasted w/ a non-quench technique as done in Europe which helps extract a thicker crema. This light roast creates light citrus notes.

Who should drink it: Consumers who enjoy an espresso w/ a lemon citrus taste. It does not offer the “standard” American-style espresso roast flavor. The absence of Robusta coffee gives the espresso a fruitier taste.

Price: $12.95/lb.

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