Mountainview Blend Coffee

$ 11.95

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Aroma: Nutty aroma                             

Acidity: Light                            

Body: Medium to full

Flavor: Sweet & mild

Aftertaste: Smooth buttery-like finish

Screen Size: 16-18

Origin: (Varied) Nicaragua SHG EP, Colombian Huila, Brazilian Cerrado

Roast (Agtron): Med 59.6

Notes: Available in 1, 2lb or 5lb whole beans. This harmonious blend of our Guatemala, Brazilian & Colombian coffees is given a light roast for a smooth full bodied finish. It’s a great sustainable selection to use as a “house blend.” Using these strong varietals will not only provide a sustainable flavor, but should keep a sustainable price as well (market pending).

Who should drink it: This coffee is great for consumers who enjoy the profile of a “Donut Shop” blend of coffee. Its taste is not too strong or light so it’s appealing across the board.

Price: $11.95/lb.

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