Green Coffee: Huila, Colombia

$ 28.95

Sold in 5 pound bags

Origin: (South America) Huila, Colombia

Elevation: 1600-1900M

Harvest: Main Crop: Sept/Oct-Jan   Mitaca Crop: Mar-Jun

Varietal:  Caturra & Bourbon

Process:  Washed

Cupping Notes: A rich well balanced coffee that has a high acidity with a citrus note that has a refined light chocolate note finish. We prefer a light to medium roast profile, but can also produce a nice dark roast as well.

Coffee Notes: A high quality washed Arabica coffee grown in southern growing regions of Colombia. This coffee is from a cooperative mill in Huila. Huila is known to produce some of the best coffees throughout the country.

Colombia is the #2 producer of Arabica coffees in the world.

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