Brazilian Cerrado Coffee

$ 11.95

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Aroma: rich, nutty, sweet

Acidity: subtle, light citrus

Body: deep, bold, rich

Flavor: sweet, chocolaty    

Aftertaste: sweet& deep richness

Screen Size: 17/18

Origin: (South America) Cerrado Region of W. Minas Gerais, Brazil

Roast (Agtron): 58.0

Notes: Available in 1, 2lb or 5lb whole beans. It was sourced by David Mendez at the Cerrado Coffee Institute. These bags have traceability back to the farm. These coffees are washed natural processed coffees where they are dried on patios in the sunlight. This is a full bodied coffee with chocolate notes.

Who should drink it: Anyone who likes a FULL-Bodied, chocolaty coffee.

Price: $11.95/lb


*Whole Bean Only

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