Washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1 - 1lb

$ 13.75

Aroma: lemony, citrusy & wild

Acidity: good acidity

Body: medium balanced

Flavor: citrus flavor (tangerine) the flavor of the coffee

Aftertaste: light balanced aftertaste

Screen Size: 14/16

Origin: (Africa) Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Roast (Agtron): Light 58.2

Notes: Available in 1, 2lb or 5lb whole beans. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and Yirgacheffe (Southern Ethiopia) is the most notable region in the country. These coffees are grown at altitudes over 5,800 feet above sea level.

Washing or wet-processed of Ethiopian coffee helps produce a “clean-cup” of coffee.

Grade 1: Specialty Grade Coffee Beans: no primary defects, 0-3 full defects, sorted with a maximum of 5% above and 5% below specified screen size or range of screen size, and exhibiting a distinct attribute in one or more of the following areas: taste, acidity, body, or aroma. Also must be free of cup faults and taints. Zero quakers allowed. Moisture content between 9-13%.

Who Should drink it: True aficionados will enjoy this coffee for its historical significance & for its well balanced fruity taste.

Price: $13.75/lb.

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