SHB EP Guatemalan Coffee

$ 12.25

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Aroma: sweet, rich, bold

Acidity: light & mellow

Body: well balanced w/ a sweet softness

Flavor: refined rich delicate

Aftertaste: lingering sweet

Screen Size: 14-16

Origin: (Central America) Guatemala

Roast (Agtron): 57.4

Notes: Available in 1, 2lb or 5lb whole beans. These beans have been making the news in 2013 because they have survived the horrific Roya outbreak which AnaCafe says decimated 70% of Guatemala’s Crop this year, which our Sales Director saw firsthand. These coffees are typically “shade grown,” high in the mountains of the volcanic region of Guatemala. SHB: Strictly Hard Bean coffee over 4,500 feet above sea level becomes denser. EP: European Prep is coffee that has imperfect beans, sticks, pebbles and other foreign matter sorted out by hand.

Who should drink it: Anyone who enjoys a mellow sweet delicious cup of coffee. This is a great coffee for a discerning drinker, who does not want a darker more full bodied coffee.

Price: $12.25/lb

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